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23 MAR 2014

Globally Clustered Monitoring

We are very pleased to announce that we are now offering a geographically dispersed monitoring service to all of our VPS customers. This service allows you to perform automated checks on your server from our monitoring cluster consisting of 5 different locations across 3 continents which perform checks as frequently as every minute. All of our paid for monitoring packages come with free SMS credits to get you started so that not only can you receive alerts by e-mail, you can also receive alerts by SMS. If you are interested in any of our monitoring packages or require a bespoke solution, please get in contact with us.

26 JAN 2013

Migrating from Xen to KVM

We are pleased to announce that we have now deployed our new Virtualisation platform running KVM. The decision has been made to move away from XEN HVM as we feel this suits our requirements better and gives us the ability to provide a better service to our customers. For those of you still running on our XEN platform we will contact you about the migration but we'll be taking full responsibility for this and it's a fairly straightforward process. We look forward to welcoming new customers on to our KVM platform and hope that you are as pleased as we are with the changes.